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Our IP trunking is a cost-effective, digital quality dial tone solution for the phone system you already have.

•    Keep your existing equipment
•    Keep your current phone numbers
•    Utilize already installed data connections
•    Enjoy unlimited calling between sites

How It Works

Delivered over the IXO digital voice network, our IP Trunking solution is a scalable and affordable alternative to traditional PBX offering local and global calling at low rates. IXO IP Trunking can be delivered one line at a time in a pay-as-you-grow model to maximize the communications budget for organizations of any size.
Virtual Trunking is designed for organizations with an existing phone system in place that uses traditional phone services such as E1/PRI or analog lines. An integrated access device (IAD) deployed at the customer's facility, connects an existing data network and phone system to the IziVox digital voice network. With IXO IP Trunking all voice services are delivered over your existing broadband connection by IXO.

Because each organization's network is different, IXO offers consultation to develop a customized deployment plan, which includes on-site installation (minimal charge of 50 euro). Further technical support services are also available.


Why pay the monthly recurring charges associated with maintaining two distinct voice and data networks when you can realize significant and immediate savings by running voice as an application on your existing data network? With the IziVox IP Trunking solution, outgoing calls are routed over the IziVox digital telephone network via an IP network, rather than the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network), providing both financial and operational efficiencies.
Virtual Trunking includes:
•    Inbound calling
•    Outbound calling
•    Telephone number in Finland, Helsinki (optional)
•    Online billing and account management
•    On-site installation
•    E1/PRI termination
•    Analog (FXS) termination

In addition to traditional calling features, IXO IP Trunking offers great calling rates and huge savings on global calling — saving many customers up to 50% or more on usage alone.


IXO IP Trunking enables businesses to be more efficient with their communications budget while extending the life of their current telephone system. With this IP trunking solution, businesses gain the cost savings and flexibility associated with the latest SIP technology without having to purchase a new system.

Combine voice and data

Use a single broadband connection to deploy both voice and data traffic. IXO IP Trunking service operates over your existing Internet connection along with your current phone system, eliminating the complexity and cost of deploying a new telecommunications system.
•    No changes to user behavior
•    No need to re-train your staff
•    Keep your existing voicemail/IVR greetings
•    Manage a single network.

Save on monthly phone bills

Stop paying for underutilized voice and data services. IXO IP Trunking uses much less bandwidth per call than traditional voice connections and allows the bandwidth to be used for data when the phones are not being used. For most customers, this alone offers immediate savings. Add to that, Pay-as-You-Grow scalability and your organization will only be paying for what it needs.
•    Purchase capacity one line at a time
•    Use virtually any broadband provider - shop for the best rate
•    Save with great rates for global calls


For more technical and/or pricing information about our IP trunking services please contact IXO sales team.

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If you need help deciding, take advantage of our expert guidance. It's free because your satisfaction with final result is our primary goal.

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