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Our SIP calling service is based on advanced switching systems in Helsinki, Finland.  The systems are wholly owned by us and are deployed at a secure data centre in Helsinki.  Although no VoIP network can claim 100% availability, we have worked hard to build systems that keep up-time to a maximum.  Our switch is directly connected to Internet connections from two uplinks and is backed up by UPS.

The majority of our calls are switched to international Tier-1 carriers.  For some routes, we use carefully selected partners to complete the calls on our behalf.  All destinations are backup up by routes from multiple suppliers.   If a call to a particular destination fails, then our switch will automatically reroute that call to an alternative supplier in real time.  The result is a calling service with high availability and good ASRs.

Our systems are monitored 24/7 by experienced and capable telecommunications engineers.

Enterprise Class Network Infrastructure

The IXO network features world-class engineering and a Super-POP architecture which minimizes use of the public Internet and places your VoIP calls just one hop away from most major internet backbone carriers. The network is built using a "hub-centric" topology consisting of 4 Super POPs located strategically across the country.

We place softswitch equipment, at these POPs, and have contracted for 100% uptime SLAs and packet-routing across the least-congested configuration available today. This network engineering allows VoIP traffic carried by our SIP services to avoid traversing Internet peering points and their inherent "log jams". This secures our customers higher quality VoIP calls.

Network Features and Benefits

IXO state-of-the-art network relies upon professional engineering and superior technology to deliver you the benefits of excellent reliability and high quality. These translate into low cost phone service you can count on.

Our network is purpose-built for redundancy, which maximizes reliability. Through the use of protected, diverse routes and a geographically distributed architecture, we have ensured that all network traffic can be assumed at any time under any conditions. Our redundancy strategy is supported by deploying all software and hardware equipment in paired, redundant configurations such that load-sharing and fail-over mechanisms are in place for our POP location.

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