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If you are a startup IP telephony company, an ITSP, or an expanding your range of services telecom operator, and are looking to extend your customer base and increase your profits, consider partnering with IXO. Eliminate the costly infrastructure investment with IXO partnering solutions like VoIP Reseller, VoIP / SIP Service Provider (Virtual Operator), Call Shop, Calling Card or SIP Equipment:


    VoIP Reseller partnering program

Start your own business within a few days under your own brand name. You start to be a carrier yourself by positioning you business as a provider of the complete list of services beginning with equipment installation and configuration, then providing a powerful online billing system and completing by connection to your "own" communication system.

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    VoIP Service Provider (Virtual Operator) partnering program

Expand your own VoIP / SIP multimedia services business through getting your own virtual full-size service platform with all components you might need. This program offers you maximum of operational flexibility and independence from IXO. 

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    Callshop partnering program

Establish your own callshop network in your home country or abroad with our SIP-based callshop solution. Low entry cost (no need for significant additional investment) and great flexibility. Internet café / callshop owners can offer users prepaid and / or postpaid calling, as well as issue their own calling cards.

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    Calling Cards partnering program

Start providing prepaid and postpaid calling card services. A variety of consumer segments: students, business and leisure travelers, expatriates, immigrants. The program offer includes real-time billing platform and web-based customer care system that keeps track of calls and corresponding charges. 

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    SIP Equipment distribution partnering program

Become an IXO SIP equipment distributor with the potential for relatively rapid high earnings with low additional costs. The program is designed to make it easy for distributors to buy and resell hardware from IXO. Start with Grandstream IP PBX products, which are among the least expensive on the market and hardware installation is so simple that there is no need to employ technicians or specialists.

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Complete VoIP Service Provider solution

Expand your telecom service business up to the full size operator level


plug-and-call voice + video + fax + data solution for the small to medium sized business