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Benefit from simplicity and adaptability for your network locally or worldwide with the following IXO solutions:

   Hosted PBX solutions

With IXO hosted IP PBX services, there are no on-site hardware requirements, which means your business benefits from minimal start-up costs, flexible service plans and complete scalability.
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  IP PBX solutions

Our state-of-the-art IP PBX solution is based on a next generation all-in-one (voice + video + fax + data) IP PBX system with integrated data router, unlimited SIP trunk options, fail-safe legacy PSTN trunks, analog phone/fax ports, conference bridge, and many more features from Grandstream, an award-winning manufacturer of next generation IP voice & video products for broadband networks.
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   SIP trunk solutions

Gain the cost savings and flexibility associated with today’s latest SIP technology without having to purchase a new system or add hardware to your current setup. IXO SIP trunk solutions help companies maximize their existing investment while saving money on local and global phone service.
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  Co-location solutions in Helsinki, Finland

If you are committed to keeping your servers fully operational and always available with around-the-clock service and support, then work with IXO.
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   VoIP traffic termination

We buy and sell international VoIP traffic. Benefit from our wide range of partnerships and interconnection agreements with other carriers worldwide. If you are interested in A-Z termination, please also contact us for an A-Z pricelist.
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VoIP Reseller solution

Start your own VoIP service business within days!


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