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We are a human technology lab called IXO Systems. We experiment and create new digital communications products for humans and for the humans' businesses. Our complete SIP platform solutions enable you to launch your full size VoIP service business within days and benefit from the advantages of latest technology with little or no upfront investment.

Our another business is IziVox (www.izivox.com), a telephony and multimedia solution for your home.


IXO Systems Oy is a digital multimedia company with headquarters in Porvoo, Finland, formed in 2005. A team of international telecom experts acquired the company in 2009.  The company and its international affiliates focus on providing SIP telephony and related services worldwide. 

For more information about your IXO opportunities, please do not hesitate to use our latest technology izi.contact feature.



plug-and-call voice + video + fax + data solution for the small to medium sized business


Residential products

phone number, low tariffs, and more