SIP equipment partnering program

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Become a distributor

For VoIP operators and service providers, becoming an IXO SIP equipment distributor offers the potential for relatively rapid high earnings with low additional costs. We offer greater incentives to companies who provide customers with full support from the beginning of the sales process all the way through hardware installation and maintenance.

The SIP Equipment distribution program is designed to make it easy for distributors to buy and resell hardware from IXO. The program structure will result in a win-win relationship between us and distributor partners.

Type of equipment offered for the program

Grandstream IP PBX products (GXE5024 and GXE5028 models) are among the least expensive on the market and hardware installation is so simple that there is no need to employ technicians or specialists. The GXE502x appliance is a powerful all-in-one voice + video + fax + data communication solution for the small to medium sized business, especially companies with sub-30 seats per location.

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Distributor Discounts

We offer a flexible discount structure for distributors. Your discount will depend on the number of units you order. Please contact our sales team for exact figures.


For more technical or pricing information about IXO SIP Equipment distributor program please contact our SIP equipment experts.

How to become a SIP Equipment distributor partner?

Simply complete one form and you will be promptly contacted by our Partner Relation manager who will help you develop your requirements and discuss all of your options.

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