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Prepaid and postpaid calling card services represent one of the fastest-growing types of enhanced voice services. A variety of consumer segments - students, business and leisure travelers, expatriates, immigrants - have fueled their growth. These services are especially popular among mobile phone users, as an alternative to mobile operators’ outrageously high international rates and roaming fees.

Что вы получаете  

The core elements of our calling card solution include:

  • Real-time billing system
  • Web-based customer care system that keeps track of calls and corresponding charges
  • (Optional) Call control software package based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), which provides a full array of call routing capabilities as well as a solution to the NAT traversal problem. (Only required by clients using PC phone software and/or when sending calls to a SIP carrier.)

 Key features:

  • Compatibility with most existing VoIP carriers (H323 or SIP)
  • Customizable, wizard-driven call rating, including peak and off-peak periods
  • Unlimited number of prepaid calling cards hosted by the system
  • Easy management of calling cards, batches and corresponding accounts (PINs)
  • E-commerce module for web signup, and credit card payment system
  • Customizable reporting of CDRs (call history)
  • In-depth analysis per VoIP carrier based on traffic and generated revenues
  • Comprehensive reporting functions allowing service providers to track any and all types of call information (by destination, time, ASR, etc.)
  • IVR support, including recharge vouchers
  • Fully compliant with the Visa security standard
  • Toll free, original line information, roaming

Как это работает

  • The caller dials in, using the local phone number for the service provider
  • Alternatively, the call can be placed using compatible PC phone client software (Windows Messenger, X-Ten)
  • The VoIP gateway, assisted by the IVR server, prompts the caller to enter his / her account ID (PIN)
  • Once the previous step is completed, the system authenticates the caller, prompts the VoIP gateway to announce the account balance to him/her, and signals him / her to dial the destination number
  • After the destination number has been entered, the system calculates the maximum call duration and plays it back to the caller via the gateway’s IVR. Once the call is completed, it is charged to the caller’s account balance
  • The calling card user may log in to the account self-provisioning interface at any time to access call history (CDRs), payment information (credit card info), language options, and many other features.

Кому это адресовано

  • Individual entrepreneurs seeking for new business opportunities with minimal investments
  • ITSPs launching a prepaid calling card business, especially in newly deregulated markets
  • Carriers looking for enhanced profit from the global long-distance network
  • Service providers who already offer prepaid and postpaid calling card services over a switched circuit network
  • Telecom companies and other service providers interested in offering calling card services to a wide range of important target communities


For more technical or pricing information about IXO calling card solution please contact our card service experts.

Как стать партнёром по программе "Карты связи"

Simply complete one form and you will be promptly contacted by our Card Service manager who will help you develop your requirements and discuss all of your options.

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