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Looking for an affordable way to launch telecom business?

If you want to start establishing your own callshop network in your home country or abroad, IXO SIP-based callshop solution is made for you. It is attractive to our partners for its low entry cost (no need for significant additional investment) and great flexibility. Internet café / callshop owners can offer users prepaid and / or postpaid calling, as well as issue their own calling cards.

What do you get?  

All-in-one product (callshop platform), which contains all components callshop operator needs to do its own business, including the following:

  • Real-time billing system
  • Web-based customer care platform that keeps track of calls and corresponding charges
  • Call control software package based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), which provides a full array of call routing capabilities
Key features:
  • An unlimited number of callshops may be operated using a single installation (callshop chain model)
  • Call rates are flexible, and are predefined in the billing software by the Internet café / callshop owner
  • Compatibility with most existing VoIP carriers (H323 or SIP)
  • Instant generation of CDRs (call history) per phone booth
  • Instant invoice generation per phone booth / call
  • Analysis tools and report generation by period, traffic / charges, VOIP carrier, destination country / city, revenues, and profitability
  • Fully compliant with the Visa security standard 
  • Multi-language user interface
  • Multi-currency business model
  • Both pre-paid and post-paid call scenarios
  • Quick and easy installation and configuration

How does it work?

The main revenue stream for Internet café / callshop owners comes from calls generated in phone booths or via clients installed on PCs. Here is a step-by-step scenario:

  • An Internet café / callshop customer enters a phone booth and places a call by dialing the destination number directly
  • Alternatively, the call can be placed using a softphone client installed on a PC
  • The callshop billing system identifies the phone booth, keeps track of call details, and calculates the corresponding call charges. The software is monitored by the operator via a PC
  • Upon call completion, the operator presents the caller with a bill for the call(s) he/she has made, according to the rates for each country called.

Who is it for?

  • Individual entrepreneurs seeking for new business opportunities with minimal investments
  • Callshops currently working with old circuit switch technologies who are aiming to reduce their costs and upgrade their systems
  • Internet cafés looking to increase their range of services and bring in more customers
  • International communities, where people frequently call home / abroad
  • ITSPs / carriers interested in providing outsourced / hosted services for Internet cafes/callshops


For more technical or pricing information about IXO callshop solution please contact our callshop experts.

How to become a Callshop partner?

Simply complete one form and you will be promptly contacted by our Callshop manager who will help you develop your requirements and discuss all of your options.

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