VoIP Reseller partnering program

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Instant solution for you to launch VoIP / SIP service business

Start your own business within a few days using the state of the art technologies and IXO original solutions. Managing multiple customers operating under your supervision, the IXO VoIP Reseller status provides, may be addressed from its own name without mentioning any other service providers. You start to be a carrier yourself by positioning you business as a provider of the complete list of services beginning with equipment installation and configuration, then providing a powerful online billing system and completing by connection to your "own" communication system. And here is the best part, you can set up your new business literally within days!

If you are interested in an even more independent and flexible type of partnering with IXO, please refer to our VoIP Service Provider program.

What do you get?   

  • VoIP / SIP multimedia services network ready-to-use solution (including direct interconnections with international traffic carries)
  • Complete billing system based on newest technology
  • All services you provide via the network are filled in with your “trade dress”. For your customers, only your brand is visible
  • You new customers of any kind: Corporate, Residential, Callshops, Hotels, Call Centers, Calling Card distributors, Call back users etc.
  • Possibility to have multiple customers and even sub-resellers
  • Telephone traffic reselling
  • Easy administrative and financial management through web interface
  • Tools for flexible price policy
  • Hotline technical support from IXO
  • “Plug-and-use” customer payment center (main credit cards, web banking and other payment solutions)*
*optional service

Who is it for?

  • Young companies with limited investment resources
  • Operators and service providers who want to get rid of costly technical supporting staff
  • Startup IP telephony operators wishing to start providing services “next day”
  • Existing ITSPs with a need to expand range of services very quickly
  • Callshop owners and calling card vendors
  • Community groups (local or virtual) seeking to brand ITSP services


For more technical or pricing information about IXO solutions for VoIP partnership please contact our Partner relations team.

How to become a VoIP Reseller partner?

Simply complete one form and you will be promptly contacted by our Partner relations manager who will help you develop your requirements and discuss all of your options.

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