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We terminate international VoIP traffic all over the world. Benefit from our wide range of partnerships and interconnection agreements with other carriers worldwide and provide your customers with the highest-quality termination.

If you are interested in A-Z termination, please also contact us for an A-Z pricelist.

Кому адресовано предложение

  • VoIP carriers seeking partners among outside service providers
  • Exchange carriers looking to offer global call coverage to affiliate service providers
  • Wholesale carriers wishing to interconnect with virtually any SIP or H.323 based VoIP network
  • Wholesale VoIP providers or companies with a complex network infrastructure
  • Companies planning to provide ASP/Hosted billing and switching solutions


For more technical and/or pricing information about our VoIP traffic termination services please contact IXO sales team.


Simply complete one form and you will be promptly contacted by our VoIP traffic termination specialist who will help you develop your requirements and discuss all of your options.
If you need help deciding, take advantage of our expert guidance. It's free because your satisfaction with final result is our primary goal.

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